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Florida Inclusion Network

"The Florida Inclusion Network (FIN) collaborates with all districts and schools to provide customized services and supports ensuring all students with disabilities have the same educational, social, and future opportunities as their peers. The Inclusion Facilitator can provide information about effective inclusive practices, family-school collaboration and communication, opportunities for networking with other families, and ways to access local resources and support."

The Florida Inclusion Network.

What is Inclusion?

School BPIE
"The School Best Practices for Inclusive Education (BPIE) Assessment is a school self-assessment process designed to identify priority needs, develop goals, plan improvement strategies, and organize resources to support the implementation of inclusive practices for students with disabilities."

FDLRS/Gateway Regional FIN contact...

Wilma Sanchez, FIN Facilitator wilma.sanchez@fdlrsgateway.com
5683 US Highway 129 South, Suite 1
Jasper, FL 32052
Office: (386) 792-2877
Toll-Free: (800) 404-0205
Fax: (386) 792-3273"

FDLRS/GATEWAY 5683 US HWY 129 SOUTH, SUITE 1 JASPER FL. 32052 Phone: 386 792-2877 FAX: 386 792-3273 CHILD FIND/ PARENTS 1 800 227-0059 EDUCATORS 1 800 404-0205