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A Program Just for Sibs of Kids with Special Needs

Brothers and sisters of kids with special needs now have a program that’s just for them. It’s called a Sibshop. At the Sibshop, they’ll have a chance to meet other kids whose brothers and sisters have special needs too. They’ll talk about the good and the not-so-good parts of having a sibling with a disability. Most importantly, they’ll have fun!

Sibshops provide an exciting support, information, and recreational opportunity for siblings. In addition to receiving peer support, Sibshop participants will play lively games, learn about their siblings’ disabilities and the services they receive, and make new friends. Sibshops are a spirited celebration of the many contributions made by brothers and sisters.

Often brothers and sisters have feelings that are difficult to express, even to a friend: sadness that a sister can’t learn things that others take for granted; anger when a brother’s behavior prevents the family from doing things other families do; or the special pride when a sibling with a disability learns a basic but important life skill after months or years of practice. At the Sibshop, the sibs will have the chance to share these feelings with others who truly understand.

Sibling Video
 Check out this video entitled Sibshops. On this video, you'll see a bird's eye view of the thoughts and feelings of some siblings. Please encourage your children who are the brothers and sisters of your child with a disability to attend a Sibshop.

Sibling Support Project
Now there is a website for siblings of children and adults with disabilities. It is sponsored by the Sibling Support Project (which also sponsors Sibshops).

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