Universal Design for Learning (UDL)

For an explanation of what UDL is: (CAST)
"Universal design for learning (UDL) is a framework to improve and optimize teaching and learning for all people based on scientific insights into how humans learn."
Learn more about the UDL guidelines at the National Center on Universal Design for Learning.
"The UDL Guidelines, an articulation of the UDL framework, can assist anyone who plans lessons/units of study or develops curricula (goals, methods, materials, and assessments) to reduce barriers, as well as optimize levels of challenge and support, to meet the needs of all learners..."
For a comprehensive collection of UDL principles and practices to assist districts working towards implementation of UDL, access this free online document.
"This resource includes new insights from research on learner differences and how human variability plays out in learning environments; first-hand accounts and exemplars of how to implement UDL at all levels and across subjects using the UDL Guidelines; "Dig Deeper" segments that enrich the main content; dozens of original illustrations and access to videos and other online features; and opportunities to participate in a UDL community. You must have a member account with CAST, but this is free and easy to set up. A print edition is available through Amazon, and an accessible ePub format can be obtained at Kobo Books. The print and ePub versions are not free. "
UDL Guidelines - Examples and Resources
" ...teacher-friendly examples and resources that illustrate each of the UDL checkpoints. Exploring these examples and resources not only helps to clarify what is meant by each of the checkpoints but also gives ..."
UDL Culrriculum Toolkit
"An open source application...The Toolkit software is available for public use under an open-source license. Interested users can modify and extend the design and functionality of the Toolkit or simply apply the software to the creation of their content."
UDL Free Learning Tools (CAST)
"As part of its barrier-busting mission, CAST offers a number of robust (and free) learning tools. These tools, designed and tested as part of CAST’s research projects, help educators, parents, and students experience the power of flexible learning environments."
Home page for National Center on Universal Design for Learning
"DL1: A Framework for Addressing Learner Variability: Theory Into Practice...Online Learning (ongoing) CAST offers two self-paced course options that provide participants with an introduction to UDL, both titled: UDL1: A Framework for Addressing Learner Variability."
Pete's PowerPoint Station
" UDL Principle One: Present information and content in different ways. Here you will find free PowerPoint presentations in a wide variety of subject matter for use with students from Kindergarten through High School. You will also have access to free student activities and games, as well as free teacher resources such as topic oriented lessons, clip art, flash cards, templates, and video clips."
Widgit SymbolWorld
"UDL Principle One: This website is created specifically for symbol users. It has materials for all ages and includes news, personal contributions, stories, and learning materials."
UDL Book Builder
"UDL Principle One: This free online tool allows you to create your own interactive books. You enter your own text, graphics, and hyperlinks to take students out to video-clips, websites, etc."
"UDL Principle One: This is a powerful tool for organizing and presenting a set of online resources. You can view links like pages in a book rather than a listing of links. Here is a simple example of a LiveBinder."
Graphics, Videos, and Sound Quick Guides
"UDL Principle One: These guides will help develop the skills needed to find and incorporate graphics, videos, and sound files into instructional lessons. "
UDL Principle One: Khan Academy
"UDL Principle One: This is a non-profit educational organization that maintains a website which features thousands of educational resources, including a personalized learning dashboard, over 100,000 practice problems, and over 6,000 micro lectures via video tutorials stored on YouTube. The tutorials address areas such as mathematics, history, healthcare, physics, chemistry, biology, and American civics. Other topic areas are also covered."
Vermilion Parish School Board of Louisiana Graphic Organizer Resource Database
"UDL Principle One: This is an Internet Resource Database which includes a vast collection of both interactive and blackline graphic organizers."
Glogster EDU
"UDL Principle Two: Differentiate the ways students can express what they know. Glogster is an online learning platform for teachers and students to express their creativity, knowledge, ideas, and skills through the development of interactive posters. Teachers can request free accounts and their students can get individual accounts using their teachers enrollment code."
"UDL Principle Two: Students can create their own academically and behaviorally based comic strips with a few clicks, drags and drops."
"UDL Principle Two: Students can create avatars using their own voices."
"UDL Principle Two: This is free software that instantly allows teachers and students to instantly capture images and record video on a computer. It is great for five minute focused instruction screencasts and for students to demonstrate what they know."
"UDL Principle Two: This is a simple tool for turning Word documents, pdfs, and images into an online book that has page-turning effects. To use PageFlip-Flap, just create your documents as you normally would. Then, upload the document to PageFlip-Flap and it will be converted to a document with page-turning effects. The document can then be shared either by url or embedding it into a webpage."
"UDL Principle Two: This is another online tool that can be used to convert pdfs and jpeg images into flip-books. It is a wonderful tool for teachers and students to collaborate and share their work with parents and colleagues. "
Classroom Newspaper Templates
"UDL Principle Two: All you have to do download these templates, save them with a new name, and start using them. You will need a Google account which you can get for free."
"UDL Principle Three: This is an easy to use online tool for collaborative decision-making. It is reported to work on any device. Group members are guided through a three step process of talking things through, building agreement, and deciding together. They create discussions on specific topics, post comments, and create proposals. Each proposal solicits feedback from the members. Members can either agree, disagree, abstain, or block. Blocking is essentially a strong form of disagreement. Results are continuously displayed on the page and the layout creates a nice summary of main points, allowing users to review content or get caught up with the discussions. Once consensus has been reached or the established proposal time has expired, all group members are notified of the outcome."
Puffin Web Browser
"UDL Principle Three: This is a very fast Mobile Flash Browser. It supports Adobe Flash over the cloud during "off-peak hours" from 8 AM to 4 PM. With Adobe Flash enabled, users are able to watch videos, play games, and browse Flash rich content on their mobile devices. The Puffin browser is available for both iOS and Android devices. Puffin Academy ( iOS, Android ), a K-12 version, enforces site filtering by only allowing whitelisted educational websites to be viewed"
"UDL Principle Three: This is an online tool that allows you to create interactive stories, games, and animations. Creations can be shared with others in the online community. It helps young people learn to think creatively, reason systematically, and work collaboratively. It is designed especially for ages 8 to 16, but can be used by people of all ages. "
"UDL Principle Three: This online tool allows users to create customized jeopardy templates, without PowerPoint, that can be played online from anywhere. It provides a simple editor designed to help you create you game quickly. It also allows you to browse templates created by others."
GameMaker Studio:
"UDL Principle Three: This software caters to entry level novices as well as seasoned game developers. It provides an opportunity to create cross-platform games without investing a lot of time and money. The software is available in three levels: Standard (which is free), Professional, and Master Collection. Registration is required with the free Standard version. "
Argubot Academy
"UDL Principle Three: This is a futuristic adventure game developed with NASA and the National Writing Project for grades 6-8. Students assume the role of the first humans on Mars and must use persuasion and reasoning skills to help determine the future of life on Mars. They equip Argubots with evidence and claims to support valid arguments for survival and then send their Argubots to the persuasion battlefield. This game is also available on the App Store. http://argubotacademy.org/home"
UDL Guidelines - Examples and Resources
" ...teacher-friendly examples and resources that illustrate each of the UDL checkpoints. Exploring these examples and resources not only helps to clarify what is meant by each of the checkpoints but also gives ..."
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